Saint Vincent


  • No residency or nationality requirement for shareholders, officers and/or directors of SVG IBCs. 2.Companies may be formed with as few as one shareholder who may be a natural person or a juridical entity.
  • Companies may be formed with as few as one director, who may be a natural person or a juridical entity.
  • No requirement for a company secretary.
  • IBC’s may own land in the jurisdiction, although foreigners may require an alien landholding licence.
  • Exemption from taxation; under present regulations there are no personal income taxes, estate taxes, corporate income taxes or withholding taxes for SVG IBCs.
  • Ability for IBCs to benefit from the Caricom Tax Treaty in return for payment of tax at 1% on annual profits.
  • No requirement for the filing of annual reports or accounts with any government authority in SVG, except for IBCs benefiting from Caricom tax treaties.
  • Authorized share capital may be denominated in any recognised currency.
  • No minimum capital requirement.
  • Shares may be issued fully paid, partially paid, or nil paid.
  • Company seal not mandatory.
  • Identity of beneficial owners, shareholders and directors not required to be filed in any public record unless the directors elect to do so.
  • Register of charges must be kept, but there is no requirement for this to be filed on public record.
  • Provision for continuation of companies to and from anywhere around the globe, and for local companies incorporated to migrate to the IBC register.
  • Shelf companies available.

In order to start with IBC company opening procedure please send us the following documents:

  • Suggested name of the company
  •  Passport copy for each director and shareholder
  •  Utility bill for each director and shareholder.
  •  Signed agreement by each director