Ready to open offshore company and bank account?


1. Do you know how to properly structure your new company?

2. Can you write all the necessary company formation documents?

3. Which company documents do you need to order, for the bank account opening procedure?

4. Which banks will accept your new business?

5. Will you pass the bank's KYC (know your client) procedures?

6. What will the bank ask, and what should you answer?

7. How to properly fill out the bank account opening forms, without making mistakes that can result in you being rejected by the bank? 

8. Are you aware of the latest banking standards and procedures?

If you do not know the answer to ANY of these questions, please contact us.

Offshore company registration and bank account opening are not easy and straight forward procedures anymore.

Opening and structuring of the company may sound easy, but you need to be careful, in which jurisdiction to open the company, what are the latest rules and standards when it comes to legal procedures and annual obligations of the company. In which countries will your new company be able to operate? What are the advantages and disadvantages of certain jurisdictions? What are the rules for legal compliance  when it comes to accounting, reporting, paying the annual duties and in some jurisdictions auditing? If you are not sure, you need professional provider of formation and bank introductory services.