Bank Accounts


No matter what type of business you operate, you will need a corporate bank account in order to separate your business income from personal income. Corporate bank accounts have the most formalized requirements, therefore, in most cases assistance from a specialized agency or introducer is needed in order to successfully finalize bank account opening procedure. Regardless of whether you set up an LLC, Corporation or Partnership, maintaining a business bank account will help you avoid unnecessary hassle. The banks we cooperate with are reliable financial institutions with a long tradition in private and corporate banking. Our clients are provided with an excellent customer service, online banking, Visa and/or Master cards, as well as other services, such as factoring, foreign exchange, savings and specialized banking solutions. We assist our clients with the bank account opening procedures in Cyprus, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Vanuatu and UAE (in some cases we offer a package jurisdiction + bank account).